Children, Youth, and Family Services

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Case Management

Services include linkage, advocacy and referral to assist the severely mentally ill adult or severely emotionally disturbed child in obtaining basic needs, as well as support and skills development to assist the client in reintegration into their community.

Family Therapy

Face-to-face interaction between a therapist the client and their family to facilitate emotional, psychological or behavioral changes, and promote communication and understanding.

Medication Clinic

HOPE offers medication clinic services to include psychiatric services and medication review only.

Medication Management

These services provide assessment, evaluation, and prescription of medication for psychiatric disorders requested by staff physician/psychiatrist.

Marital Counseling

Face-to-face interaction between a therapist, the client and their spouse to facilitate emotional, psychological or behavioral changes, and promote communication and understanding.

Like adults, children and young adults may also suffer from emotional issues resulting in behavioral problems and stress. 

If you feel your child needs help and believe their symptoms are attributed to external forces, please don't hesitate to contact us


With over two decades of experience, we understand what your child needs for positive mental health and strive to improve their quality of life. Our clinicians can help them:

  • Develop skills to cope with stress

  • Improve the ability to learn

  • Enhance social skills

  • Improve relationships with family and friends

At HOPE Community Services we offer various services, including counseling and education, case management, and detailed diagnosis.


Our child case management service includes assessment of child and family needs, linking them with community resources, and providing all the support required to fulfill their needs.


Additionally, we provide child abuse prevention services. Our abuse prevention staff can help you:

  • Get resources to meet the daily needs of a child

  • Find counseling services

  • Get a tutor or mentor for the child's learning needs

  • Arrange daily use household items

Emergency Care Service

You can also rely on us for crisis management and emergency services whenever a child or adult is in trouble or is facing emotional or psychiatric problems.


We also provide medication management and help the individual get a quick and effective treatment with our onsite HOPE pharmacy.

Let our clinicians help you overcome your life's challenges.